Contract Packaging & Assembly Work

Our WACOSA service has been very dependable and support is available when needed.
– Wendy's

Contract/Outsourcing Solutions

WACOSA understands that quality, value and on-time delivery is important to our customers and we work hard to make sure we meet or exceed those expectations. Our professional sales and production staff will work directly with you to establish systems based on your standards and to gain a complete understanding of your project. We offer inventory control, pre-operational checklists and training, in-process quality checks, etc. We work hard to mirror ISO 9001:2000 quality systems. Below are some of the services we offer and information on the value of outsourcing to WACOSA.

We proudly offer:

  • Assembly: WACOSA has a wide range of assembly abilities. We do everything from simple hand assembly to complex equipment-assisted assembly.
  • Packaging/Kitting: WACOSA offers affordable solutions for packaging and kitting. Some of the services we offer are hand-packaging, poly-bagging, shrink-wrapping, and heat-sealing services.  
  • Labeling: From postcard and envelope labeling to product or packaging labeling, WACOSA has affordable and accurate labeling systems for jobs of any size.
  • Collation, Envelope Stuffing, and Mailing Services: Whether you are stuffing a trade show bag or your next mailer, we can take care of it for you. We also offer standard and bulk mail services. 
  • Re-Work: You never like to see it happen, but all businesses can face a situation where they need to re-work their product or project. Re-work can mean additional, unexpected costs. WACOSA prides itself on being a fast and cost-effective solution for your re-work needs.
  • Quality Checking: Have a project that you need a second set of eyes to inspect? Let us do the quality checking for you. Often, for added efficiencies, our customers arrange for us to quality check and do re-work all in one step.

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Cut costs
  • Boost revenue
  • Ease labor shortages
  • Cut payroll expenses
  • Eliminate or reduce capital expenses
  • Allow focus to be on core expertise

For more information on any of our services, please click here to contact Ann Kennedy, our sales & marketing manager, or call her at 320-257-5191.