Jan 18th 1:00 pm - 1:00 pm

WACOSA is honored to have earned the Charities Review Council’s Meets Standards seal!  To be awarded the right to use the seal, WACOSA voluntarily participated in the Council’s review process based on 25 Accountability Standards.  The review required WACOSA to answer or provide documentation relating to more than 120 questions encompassing four key areas: Public Disclosure, Governance, Financial Activity and Fundraising. 

WACOSA submitted policies, procedures, financial records and outcomes measurement records for thorough examination.  Some items submitted for review included annual reports, human resource policies, board of director policies, tax returns, accounting procedures and fundraising activities, including gift acceptance and donor privacy policies.

WACOSA is proud of its Meets Standards status and will use the seal to demonstrate its strength as a nonprofit.  The Charities Review Council seal is the Council’s stamp of approval and demonstrates that WACOSA is responsible, has integrity and is transparent.  Donors, as well as the general public, can rely on the Meet’s Standards seal for assurance of WACOSA’s quality. 

Steve Howard, WACOSA Executive Director, notes that, “WACOSA is a strong supporter of the Charities Review Council and the accountability it brings to charitable giving.  Donors can give with confidence knowing that organizations, like WACOSA, have passed a rigorous process of standards review that promotes and expects complete transparency”.   

To view our full report go to http://www.smartgivers.org/Charities & select WACOSA.  The list of the standards met is available at the end of our report, where “Show all standards met” can be selected.  

WACOSA will also be listed in the Charities Review Council’s bi-annual Smart Giver Newsletter, a free on-line magazine that you can subscribe to at http://www.smartgivers.org/Charities.

Please contact Jean Klosowski, WACOSA Development and Communications Manager, at 320-257-5193 or jklosowski@wacosa.org if you would like to learn more about WACOSA or the Charities Review Council and its Meets Standards seal.