WACOSA Featured in Central Minnesota Women Magazine

We love WACOSA because our son, Lee, loves WACOSA. Lee has worked at WACOSA for 12 years, beginning after his high school graduation in 2002. The people and staff at WACOSA accommodate a wide variety of differences and disabilities and help make each individual feel special and needed, as personal goals are challenged and often met. As I help Lee get ready each morning, he often says, “I go, they [WACOSA] need me back!” Those are wonderful words to hear for a parent of a person with special needs.
– John and Nancy Bartlett

WACOSA Featured in Central Minnesota Women Magazine

Dec 04th 1:00 pm - 1:00 pm

WACOSA was featured in the latest Central Minnesota Women magazine in an article written by Crystal Nutt, our Development and Communication Manager. This article is worth the read and gives you the opportunity to learn more about our clients and how you can get involved.  

Central Minnesota Women article on WACOSA