We support the mission of WACOSA because our investment has multiple touch points within our community. A client experiences achievement, becomes part of a work team and earns a paycheck for work accomplished. Family of the client obtain piece of mind knowing their loved one has a safe and meaningful place to go upon completing their public education. Employers benefit by hiring dependable employees performing meaningful work. Our community is a better place to live when those with disabilities participate fully and are visible in all aspects of daily life.
– Brian and Karla Myres


Apr 25th - All Day

WACOSA announced it is the recipient of a $10,000 grant from the Shavlik Family Foundation. The dollars will help WACOSA create a new website with a focus on being more accessible to people with disabilities, increasing internal and external communications and increasing functionality for phone and tablet users.

WACOSA’s goal in enhancing its website is to increase the overall quality of the communications experience for individuals with disabilities who require alternative ways to access and receive information, with a focus on doing so as independently as possible.  Part of increasing the ability to communicate effectively e is creating a website that will appeal to a broad range of individuals at varying ability levels. Over time, WACOSA expects to  create a website that includes features such as captioning, audio formatting of information, improving functionality when using keyboard only, preventing designs that can induce seizures, and improving avenues that lead to better, more person-center, information navigation experiences.  The new website will be designed to share real-time information with users, increase communications between WACOSA staff internally, and make the sharing of information virtually instantaneous with WACOSA’s Board of Directors. The website is anticipated to roll-out to the general public in late 2017, early 2018.

WACOSA serves adults with disabilities who often negotiate barriers to work and daily living, which can include physical, cognitive, emotional, mental health, communication, behavioral, transportation, and other challenges that make the ability to assimilate formation and express themselves appropriately, some of the foremost hurdles in their lives.  With the help of the Shavlik Family Foundation, WACOSA wishes to remain a role model in our community, creating solutions that break down barriers for people of all ability levels.