WACOSA Spring Newsletter - The Ripple Effect

We support the mission of WACOSA because our investment has multiple touch points within our community. A client experiences achievement, becomes part of a work team and earns a paycheck for work accomplished. Family of the client obtain piece of mind knowing their loved one has a safe and meaningful place to go upon completing their public education. Employers benefit by hiring dependable employees performing meaningful work. Our community is a better place to live when those with disabilities participate fully and are visible in all aspects of daily life.
– Brian and Karla Myres

WACOSA Spring Newsletter - The Ripple Effect

May 16th 1:00 pm - 1:00 pm

WACOSA's spring issue of The Buzz newsletter is now available to view online. In this issue:

  • Bayer Interior Woods
  • Meet Jim & Andy
  • Harvesting Happiness Benefit Breakfast 2015
  • Hear from donors
  • A message from the Executive Director, The Ripple Effect

Click here to view or print the Spring 2016 issue of The Buzz.