Our WACOSA service has been very dependable and support is available when needed.
– Wendy's


We love WACOSA because our son, Lee, loves WACOSA. Lee has worked at WACOSA for 12 years, beginning after his high school graduation in 2002. The people and staff at WACOSA accommodate a wide variety of differences and disabilities and help make each individual feel special and needed, as personal goals are challenged and often met. As I help Lee get ready each morning, he often says, “I go, they [WACOSA] need me back!” Those are wonderful words to hear for a parent of a person with special needs.
– John and Nancy Bartlett
WACOSA has been a great company to work with from finding an individual for my position as well as making sure the training is complete.
– Culligan Water, St. Cloud, MN
“I just wanted to thank Beth and WACOSA for their hard work and quality provided to RIE Coatings in the aiding of packaging for us. RIE cannot be more pleased to know WACOSA can provide these types of qualifications for present and future orders.” Production Supervisor, RIE Coatings
– Brady Schmitt
Production Supervisor, RIE Coatings
It is a great pleasure to have WACOSA involved in our organization. Our employee is courteous and professional.
– Epilepsy Foundation
Operations Manager
WACOSA's work crews are efficient and organized. I look forward tot he smiles and hellos received when WACOSA is in the building.
– Reach UP Head Start
Education Coordinator
We give to WACOSA because we see the value it brings to an organization that is in need. It’s an important investment to our society, and we know WACOSA appreciates the support. Seeing the clients and employees benefit from our gift is rewarding and makes us feel good.
– Jeri and Jerry Nesland
Our experience with WACOSA has been nothing but favorable, an asset to our office environment and staff.
– Big Brothers Big Sisters
Associate Director
WACOSA is adaptable and always helps when training is needed.
– Hancock Fabrics
Store Manager
We support the mission of WACOSA because our investment has multiple touch points within our community. A client experiences achievement, becomes part of a work team and earns a paycheck for work accomplished. Family of the client obtain piece of mind knowing their loved one has a safe and meaningful place to go upon completing their public education. Employers benefit by hiring dependable employees performing meaningful work. Our community is a better place to live when those with disabilities participate fully and are visible in all aspects of daily life.
– Brian and Karla Myres
Our company relies on the dedication of our WACOSA employee.
– Continental Press
Production Manager
You guys rock!
– Cassie Lane
Industrial Packaging Supervisor at Microbiologics
The crew from WACOSA is friendly and personable and add life to the building.
– Boy Scouts of America
Office Manager
We've always had good support from WACOSA staff- Good communication and our scheduling needs are met.
– McDonald's St. Cloud
2nd Assistant Manager
The staff at WACOSA is very friendly and responsive to our needs and the work is always completed within our specifications, which is important
– Amcon Block
Production Manager
Our service was outstanding, the project was completed in less time than estimated accurately and neatly.
– Gold'n Plump Poultry
Promotions Specialist
I am just so thankful for all that WACOSA does for Joel. It’s really gratifying to see WACOSA helping people with disabilities be active in the community. It’s like the scripture says, it’s better to give than to receive.
– Marie Brutger
Working with WACOSA is easy and economical. The WACOSA staff takes pride in the work they do.
– City of Sartell
City Administrator
Our WACOSA service has been very dependable and support is available when needed.
– Wendy's
The students at SJU who work with WACOSA personnel come away with a greater sense of recognizing the importance of social responsibility and a deeper understanding of life's diversities.
– Sexton Dining, St. John's University
WACOSA staff has been more than helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend WACOSA to any employer.
– Teal's Market
Store Manager
The price is competitive, the quality is excellent, and most importantly, the people are great to work with!
– Bliss Direct Media
Our WACOSA employees bring in a high morale and raise the spirits of everyone around them.
– McDonald's St. Cloud
Our WACOSA employee works hard and caught on very quickly. I would highly recommend other employers consider using WACOSA services.
– Coborn's
Bakery Manager
It is always a pleasure to see the WACOSA crews go about their tasks with dedication, purpose and a smile
– Alexandria Extrusion
Plant Manager