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The benefits of partnering with WACOSA for your staffing needs include:

  • Hard working, motivated employees for your business.
  • Fill your high-turnover positions with long-term dedicated employees.
  • WACOSA continues to provide support, training and follow up at no cost to your business.
  • Enhance diversity within your business.
  • WACOSA will provide a certificate of liability for the support specialist.
  • Your business may qualify for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, saving you payroll costs.

When you partner with WACOSA, you get a team of dedicated support specialists that help train your new employee in to their position. WACOSA stays involved with follow-along services as needed to ensure a successful employer/employee relationship. 

Please note: WACOSA does not provide tax or legal advice. Please contact your advisors for more information about potential tax incentives.

If you would like to learn more about directly hiring an adult with disabilities please contact us. 

For more information on the opportunity tax credit:

For more information on other potential tax credits:

Roxanne Ryan-Layne

In St. Cloud and surrounding communities, please contact:

Roxanne Ryan Layne
320-251-0087 ext. 223

Mary Rothstein

In Sauk Centre and surrounding communities, please contact:

Mary Rothstein

320-352-6759 ext. 291

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