WACOSA works for adults with disabilities, building a circle of support that empowers individuals to develop skills, explore and pursue employment, and foster community connections from graduation through retirement.

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What is WACOSA?

From a grassroots organization, WACOSA has grown dramatically over the years, serving over 650 adults with disabilities having one or more cognitive and/or physical challenges. WACOSA’ s services are provided at our five program locations, located in Waite Park, St. Cloud and Sauk Centre, MN.

Our programs provide a wide variety of personal life enrichment activities, employment and career options, and volunteering and community connection opportunities. The clients we serve help us develop an ever changing, wide ranging, menu of services that meet their individual goals, needs and dreams.

Our Vision

Individuals of all abilities are empowered to reach their full potential.



Business Ideas - The Way We Build Our Business

  • We are passionate about delivering unprecedented quality products and services
  • We recognize that our clients/consumers are our key “customers” and believe that they are the purpose for our existence
  • We are a team of committed, highly skilled people that work together to provide great services, helping those we serve achieve maximum productivity
  • We know that each of us is responsible for the reputation of the company
  • We understand that every action is an opportunity to create an advocate stakeholder
  • We apply technology to improve performance and deliver differentiated value
  • We earn superior financial results because we deliver differentiated value
  • We believe that work must be a source of satisfaction for everyone
  • We value a clean, safe working environment for our people
  • We believe that it is good business to support our community
  • We believe that it is good business to be environmentally responsible

Energizers - How We Get Better Every Day

  • We have frequent and open communication
  • We invest in the development of our people as much as possible
  • We recruit the talent and skills that we need to deliver differentiated value to customers
  • We annually report agency progress and performance via an Outcomes Measurement Report
  • We recognize our people for exemplary performance

Behaviors - How We Treat One Another

  • I treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • I strive for good relationships with everyone
  • I always speak my truth (which may be different) without blame or judgment
  • I trust people and their intentions
  • I forgive others, believing that they intended to do a good thing
  • I give my undivided attention to the person with me
  • I am open to the ideas of others and do not try to control outcomes
  • I strive to be patient with others when things go badly
  • I set clear expectations
  • I give and receive timely and candid feedback
  • I avoid gossip of all kinds at all times
  • I welcome newcomers and the knowledge and experiences that they bring
  • I am open to the change that may come from their ideas
  • I readily share my knowledge and experience with them
  • I value the knowledge and expertise of all WACOSA staff
  • I embrace change and the opportunity for growth and prosperity

Delivery - How We Make Decisions

  • We always trust everyone unless and until they demonstrate that they cannot be trusted
  • We avoid doing business with anyone that we do not trust
  • We strive for mutual benefit
  • Our decisions are timely, based upon experienced judgment and an appropriate amount of reliable information
  • We make decisions that everyone will support because we include the right people in the process, brainstorm, and respectfully argue the key issues before deciding

We Believe...

Each individual has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

We Believe...

Each individual has the right to be a contributing member of his or her community.

We Believe...

Each individual is a valued member of the work force, when emphasis is placed on his or her capabilities and strengths.