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With over 30 years of experience in the destruction of business and personal information, WACOSA DocuShred provides the total security and reliability you require. Pick-up and Drop-off services available for the public and private sector.

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What is DocuShred?

Destroy your confidential documents conveniently and securely at WACOSA DocuShred. With over 30 years of experience in the destruction of business and personal information, WACOSA DocuShred provides the total security and reliability you require. We currently service the St. Cloud community (15-mile radius) and the I-94 corridor from St. Cloud to Sauk Centre, MN.

Other areas may be serviced, email for more information. 

Pick-up or drop-off services available:

Safe & Secure

Locked 4-Wheel Caster Cart

Locked 4-wheel Caster Cart

This container has an easy-to-load slot in the attached lid, and larger wheels and swivel casters. The upscale design looks great in any environment where a larger collection of documents is needed.

Height: 43” Width: 24” Depth: 32” Holds: 125 lbs of paper

Locked Console Container

Locked Console Container

This efficient office collection console is comparable in size to a two-drawer file cabinet; the reinforced lid will hold a printer or fax machine. Neutral color and design will easily blend with your office furnishings.

Height: 30” to 36” Width: 23” Depth: 15.5” Holds: 60 lbs of paper


Q. Can an individual have their documents shredded at DocuShred, or is it only for business customers?
A. DocuShred shred for both individuals and business customers. ALL documents are treated as highly confidential.
Q. Is it ok to leave staples, paperclips, and other paper binding material?
A. You do not need to remove staples, paperclips, or paper binder/clamps.
Q. Do I need to remove paper from files, binders, etc.?
A. You do not need to remove the paper from files or binders.
Q. Can I watch my documents be destroyed?
A. DocuShred is extremely safe and secure, meeting all safety requirements put out by the National Association for Information Destruction. That being said, you can watch your documents being destroyed. For anything over 50 pounds we do require that you set up an appointment to watch your items be destroyed. We suggest making an appointment regardless, just in case you end up with more than 50 pounds when you arrive.
Q. Can you remove paper from our files and/or binders and return them to us?
A. If you want items returned to you, there may be a fee. Please contact DocuShred’s sales representative at 320-257-5191 or at for more information.
Q. Can we have our file boxes back?
A. You can, we will not deliver them back to you, but you can pick them up. In some cases, we can transfer your documents to our secure containers at the time of pick-up or drop off. You can then take the boxes with you immediately.
Q. I want to drop off my documents, is there any way for you to bill us?
A. If you would like to be billed, please email or call 320-257-5191 IN ADVANCE of bringing your documents in. We have a service agreement that will need to be filled out in advance.
Q. If we use DocuShred for our business, how long is the contract period?
A. WACOSA does not have contracts that require you to use our services for any length of time. If you are using one of our consoles, we ask for written notice 15 days prior to your last pick-up date.
Q. Do you have carts we can borrow?
A. We do have carts that can be borrowed for a short amount of time. If you already have a DocuShred account, just contact us letting us know you want to borrow some carts for your purge project. If you don’t have an account, contact our sales person at 320-257-5191 or, for more information.
Q. Do you shred on-site?
A. We do not shred on-site. DocuShred employs people with disabilities. In order to provide valuable work opportunities for them, we bring your documents back to our highly secure shred facility.
Q. How safe is DocuShred?
A. DocuShred is certified through the National Association for Information Destruction. This third party certifier audits DocuShred on a regular basis and keeps us informed of best practices. All of our staff involved in DocuShred go through strict background checks. We work with area legal, medical and accounting firms, which require us to have extremely high security. If you have security concerns or questions, please contact us for more information.
Q. My documents are in my basement, or on an upper floor. Is that OK?
A. DocuShred employees cannot do stairs. Documents are extremely heavy and we want to provide a safe working environment for our staff. All documents need to be on a main level or accessible by elevator.
Q. My documents really don’t need to be shredded, can I just give the paper to DocuShred to recycle?
A. DocuShred is certified by the National Association for Information Destruction. In their guidelines, all paper received MUST be shredded. For that reason, all paper received from our customers will be treated as confidential, and shredded at full price.
Q. What happens to the paper once it is shredded?
A. All of our shredded paper is turned in to pulp.
Q. My paper is wet, is that ok?
A. We’re sorry, DocuShred cannot accept wet or damp paper.
Q. Our paper has been in storage. It looks like it is dirty, and maybe mice got in to it. Is that ok?
A. DocuShred will not accept dirty paper or paper that appears to have animal nests or animal waste. If we receive paper in that condition, we will turn it away. If we find it after you drop off, we will contact you to retrieve the paper. We want to be sure we are providing our staff with a safe working environment. Shredding these items kick up fine particles in the air.
Q. I need a certificate of destruction, do you provide those?
A. DocuShred does provide a certificate of destruction. In most cases the invoice states that it serves as the certificate. If you need a separate certificate of destruction, please notify us and we can provide that.
Q. Do you shred pull-tabs?

A. No, DocuShred does not offer shredding services for pull-tabs.

Q. Does DocuShred shred or destroy items other than paper?
A. No, DocuShred is only certified to shred paper. Xrays, film, floppy disks, hard drives, and other non paper items are not certified for destruction by DocuShred.
Q. How long does it take from the time I schedule a pick-up until you come?
A. To schedule a pick-up, an account needs to be established. Once you set up an account, or for those with established accounts, it typically takes 3-5 business days to pick-up. Some areas not in our typical service area can take longer.
Q. What is your service area?
A. WACOSA services the St. Cloud and surrounding communities (15 mile radius), and the I-94 corridor from here to Alexandria, MN. If your business is outside of our typical service area there is a per-mile fee, or we may not service your area at all, depending on distance and quantity of documents you need shredded.
Ann Kennedy

For more information about our DocuShred services, contact Ann Kennedy, our Sales, Marketing & Communication Manager.

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