Volunteers play a vital role in the success of WACOSA’s clients. From assisting in ThriftWorks! to providing one-to-one attention to an individual, our volunteers truly make WACOSA work!
Volunteer Application

Ways You Can Volunteer

Please share your passion with us – for helping, teaching, mentoring and making a difference to others.   Our team of WACOSA volunteers positively affect the clients we serve in many different ways. Our volunteer program is flexible; you can work with us to find the perfect match of interest or activity for you and our clients. We welcome single event group projects to individualized schedules. Consider some of these volunteer positions or propose your own idea by contacting Lynn Welle.

Coffee Icon

Coffee Buddy

You can provide one-to-one social time with our clients. We will introduce you to clients that share your common interests and hobbies. Typical activities might include putting a puzzle together, participating in arts and crafts, chatting about a favorite sports team or discussing weekend plans – no coffee drinking required! 

Volunteer opportunities are available Monday through Friday at all of our sites.

Client Services Assistant icon

Client Services Assistant

You can assist staff in presenting creative and stimulating curriculum activities while at WACOSA. You can also assist staff and clients when participating in community activities.

Volunteer opportunities are available Monday through Friday at all of our sites.

Volunteering Class Instructor

Class Instructor

Use your skills, talents, and interests to teach or assist clients’ creative, stimulating and varied skills. Possible classes include Sewing, Creative Movements and Dance, Woodworking, Leather-Crafting, Photography, Decoupage, Bogus Paper Painting, Introductory Music, Self Defense, Knitting, Cooking, Poetry, Healthy Eating, Yoga, Walking, Meditation.  

Volunteer opportunities are available Monday through Friday at all of our sites.

Musical Therapy Provider

Musical Therapy Provider

You can provide musical entertainment to clients and encourage their participation in musical activities. Previous musical acts have included acoustic guitar, accordion, piano and electric organ. 

Volunteer opportunities are available Monday through Friday at all of our sites.

Volunteering Curriculum Assistant icon

Curriculum Assistant

Use your basic computer skills to assist in the development of new, and maintenance of existing, task boxes, individual sensory bins and curriculum activities. You can help prepare materials needed for client classes such as sewing, gardening, musical therapy, creative movements, etc. 

Volunteer opportunities are available Monday through Friday at all of our sites.

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Photography and/or Videography Specialist

Utilize photography and/or videography skills to assist the Development Director, as well as the Marketing & Sales Manager, in updating photos and videos on our website, social media sites, pamphlets, and handouts. This may include photographing client classes, recording videos of client testimonials, and editing photos and videos. Specialist must be able to provide their own camera or camcorder. WACOSA will provide a computer with editing software.

Shifts are available Monday through Friday between 8:00am – 4:00pm with some evening and weekend opportunities available as special events arise, at 320 Sundial Drive, Waite Park, MN.

Retail Assistant Icon

Retail Assistant

Provide upbeat, positive customer service to all who enter WACOSA’s ThriftWorks! store.  Manage donation drop-off, including assisting customers with accepting donations, and providing receipts as directed by staff members.  Sort and/or price donations.  May include operating cash register and/or merchandising items on the store floor.

Shifts are available Monday through Friday between 10:00am – 7:00pm, and Saturdays from 9:00am – 5:00pm.  We ask that you volunteer for a minimum 2 hour shift. The day / time you are scheduled may vary according to your availability and the needs of our organization.  This volunteer position is available at 310 Sundial Drive, Waite Park, MN.
*** This position is available for groups of up to 10, with notice, and one-time volunteers.

Environmental Projects Assistant Icon

Environmental Projects Assistant

Assist in projects to enhance the quality of the environment for the benefit of clients, such as painting, landscaping, gardening, patio design and care. Assist with vehicle checks and care to ensure safe and comfortable transportation for staff members and clients.  Assist with the development of adaptations for clients to increase their ability to complete paid work and interact in non-paid projects and activities.  Assist with accessible equipment adjustments and minor repairs. Must have experience with basic shop procedures, yard equipment and tools. Ability to lift and carry 20 pounds, along with intermittent bending, twisting, and reaching. Ability to stand for up to four hours while performing tasks.

Shifts are available Monday through Friday between 6:00am – 2:00pm, at 320 Sundial Drive, Waite Park, MN. *A driver’s license and health screening is required to drive WACOSA vehicles, but are not necessary to fulfill this position.


If you are interested in any of the positions below, please fill out the application and return to Lynn Welle.

The volunteer coordinator will contact you to further discuss your interest in volunteering for WACOSA.