Staffing Your Business

We've always had good support from WACOSA staff- Good communication and our scheduling needs are met.
– McDonald's St. Cloud
2nd Assistant Manager

Staffing for Your Business

WACOSA knows that professionalism, enthusiasm and dependability are qualities most employers seek. We are committed to the highest standards in job training, coaching and support for the individuals we train, providing a workforce you can truly rely on.

WACOSA will work with our clients and your business to find the best match for your job opening. Our client and a WACOSA job coach will work closely with your team to get trained. When the time is right, the job coach will step back and let your new employee shine on his or her own. We offer follow- up services to stay in touch with the client and the employer to make sure all expectations are being met, and we are here to help with any situation, at any time.

To learn more about this great opportunity for your staffing needs, contact Roxanne Ryan.