Program Resources

We support the mission of WACOSA because our investment has multiple touch points within our community. A client experiences achievement, becomes part of a work team and earns a paycheck for work accomplished. Family of the client obtain piece of mind knowing their loved one has a safe and meaningful place to go upon completing their public education. Employers benefit by hiring dependable employees performing meaningful work. Our community is a better place to live when those with disabilities participate fully and are visible in all aspects of daily life.
– Brian and Karla Myres

Program Resources

Opening Doors

“Opening Doors” is a 6-session course specifically designed to improve work skills for people with social and communication needs.   The course was originally designed for people with Asperger’s Syndrome.  This collaborative effort is presented by WACOSA, Catholic Charities of St. Cloud and District 742 Community Education.

Senior Services

WACOSA’s Senior Services are hosted at the Whitney Center in St. Cloud, MN. Services at Whitney Center connect seniors we serve with other people their age to help them remain active in the community. WACOSA’s seniors have the opportunity to volunteer through the RSVP program, participate in classes and crafts, or take day trips to a variety of events in the area. 

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Title VI Notification

WACOSA participates in Enhanced Mobility for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities (Section 5310) Large Urban, Small Urban and Rural Grant programs.  Download more information here.