May 26, 2021

To: All WACOSA stakeholders

From: Steve Howard, Executive Director

Re: Update on WACOSA’s services

WACOSA’s staff, governance and leadership wish to thank all of our stakeholders for their patience these past 14 months. COVID-19 has made this past year a particularly difficult and challenging time for all concerned. In keeping with our promise, we once again wish to update you regarding new guidance we recently received related to WACOSA’s service provision during the current pandemic. WACOSA’s leadership recently received word that most of the restrictions that currently surround our ability to provide services have been lifted. This is great news and should permit us to serve progressively more individuals, as staffing levels will allow. However, this lifting of restrictions does not mean we will be free from certain requirements that must remain in place, as we cope with the ever-present issue of COVID-19.

We ask you refer to the following points as we prepare to steadily expand services to our clientele:
• Wearing masks continues to be strongly encouraged for unvaccinated clients.
• Masks are not required for vaccinated clients.
• Staff and clients must wear masks when transporting in any WACOSA vehicle.
• We ask guardians please communicate with the WACOSA Client Manager who serves your individual regarding his/her vaccination status.
• Unvaccinated staff are required to wear masks at all times; vaccinated staff only when operating a vehicle.
• Any person may wear a mask, should they so choose. Staff are especially encouraged to do so if they have a compromised immune system.
• We are hiring and training staff in order to bring back as many clients as possible, as soon as possible. This will take time. We ask your continued
• As WACOSA ramps services back up, we remind you that both work shift & transportation schedules will likely change often, in order to accommodate all
individuals who wish to return to services. Again, we request your patience during this time.
• WACOSA continues to follow its Pandemic Response Action and Prevention Plan, as required by the Governor’s Executive Order. As such, if a person
displays symptoms of illness, they will not be permitted to attend services until they are no longer symptomatic. Depending upon the situation, such
individuals may need to quarantine, as required by the plan.
• WACOSA’s updated Pandemic Response Action and Prevention Plan is on the WACOSA website. We would be happy to provide a printed copy upon request.
• We will continue to clean and sanitize regularly to ensure the safest environment for the people we serve, our staff and our many stakeholders.
• For all individuals wishing to return to services, was ask you please contact your Client Manager, if you have not already been contacted by WACOSA.

Please be patient as we ramp services back up. Given the time services have been suspended, as well as the current state of staffing, this may take considerable time.

You will note the common theme of patience throughout all of the preceding comments. We are very aware that most individuals have been without service for an extended period of time. This fact concerns us, as well. Nevertheless, a cessation of services like the one we just experienced, requires the start-up of variety of complex, interrelated/connected systems. We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible to the challenges of resuming services for all individuals. As always, should you have questions or wish to speak to one of the leadership team in person, please contact your respective Client Manager at 320-251-0087. You may also contact Nancy Betts, V.P. of Quality and Program Services at 320-249-8328 or or me at 320-292-9319 or

Thanks and have a great day!