McDowall Donation

John & Cherie McDowall with Nancy Betts, WACOSA Vice President and Steve Howard, WACOSA Executive Director

WACOSA ThriftWorks! thrift store was the recipient of a generous donation from John and Cherie McDowall that will make a significant impact both for people with disabilities and our environment. Thanks to John & Cherie’s donation, ThriftWorks! was able to secure much needed equipment that will make significant impact on the safety of our staff and trainees at ThriftWorks! ThriftWorks! trainees not only are learning social/emotional skills while going through the training program at ThriftWorks!, they are also learning other transferable skills such as retail skills and how to run various machines and equipment that help in reducing the impact of waste in our environment, and increase the amount of recyclables that can be salvaged. “John and Cherie have been such great supporters of WACOSA,” says Steve Howard, WACOSA’s Executive Director. “This donation to WACOSA will provide not only a great new opportunity for our trainees, but has over-all created a safer work environment for all of our staff and clients as well. It’s a great day when a donor’s gift not only affects those WACOSA serves, but literally effects our entire community by reducing the amount of waste in our landfills.”