Save Money this Holiday Season – Buy These Common Holiday Items at Your Favorite Thrift Store

The holidays, as wonderful as they are, can be a high-stress and expensive time of year. One way to combat the stress and expense is to shop at your favorite local thrift stores. Thrift stores can offer a relaxing shopping environment and save you a lot of dollars. While Christmas items are plenty this time of year in thrift stores, there are a handful of items you should only buy from thrift stores during the holidays:

  • Christmas Trees. Not all thrift stores carry Christmas trees, but those that do offer real savings over purchasing new ones in a retail store. You can find everything from desk-top size to the largest of trees.  Ornaments are also a great value at your favorite thrift shop.
  • Wreaths & Greenery. Don’t be fooled by that slightly squished wreath. With a little love and care and maybe a minor investment in some new ribbon, you can create beautiful greenery for your home at huge savings.
  • Tins & Boxes. Are you a holiday baker or a candy maker?  Thrift stores have a nice variety of tins and boxes ready for your tasty treats.
  • Dishes, Glassware & Mugs. Looking to add a little holiday cheer to your kitchen table?  Maybe you’re having a party and would like some Christmas glasses for your eggnog or jingle juice. Your favorite second-hand shop is likely to be brimming with Christmas or holiday kitchenware with designs from elegant to whimsical.
  • Christmas Cards. You can often find a great selection of either single cards or boxes of cards. A keen eye can even find some amazing vintage cards.
  • Ugly Sweaters & Apparel. Thrift stores are an excellent resource for creating the best ugly sweaters. You can buy pre-made ugly sweaters, or get all the swag you need to make your own. For those who might want to avoid the ugly, there is always a selection of holiday shirts, leggings, Santa hats, and children’s holiday attire.
  • Gift Baskets. Baskets are a great way to present holiday goodies or gifts to friends and family. Baskets can be expensive and your thrift shop is likely to have a great selection available.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg; the list is endless.  Holiday lights, yard décor, home décor, wall hangings, and so much more are available to you through shopping at thrift stores. Enjoy and happy thrifting!

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