Meet Lisa Anderson and Chad Thielman. 

 Lisa is the store manager for WACOSA THRIFTWORKS!. She has worked with WACOSA for three years. Lisa came to WACOSA with over 16 years of Retail Management experience. Lisa’s personality and focus on a positive customer experience gives the store a very warm, and welcoming environment for all of our shoppers. Lisa’s creativity will be responsible for the displays and merchandising of goods and store appearances at THIRFTWORKS!. Lisa’s strong interpersonal and relationship skills make her a great leader for our client programs, hiring, training and staff supervision.

Chad oversees the Donation Center operations. He came to WACOSA with over 15 years of experience in Sales, Sales Management, and Marketing. Efficiency, productivity and quality assurance are a strong focus for Chad. His goal is to keep prices low and quality high, and of course to ensure valued customer experience every time. Chad handles much of the day-to-day business reporting for WACOSA Staff and oversight Committees.

Lisa and Chad would like to invite you into WACOSA THRIFTWORKS! to personally meet and extend WACOSA’s warmest appreciation for your support. With over 500 new items hitting the floor daily you will be sure to find something you like. The store committee teams combined effort will absolutely give you a shopping experience like no other Thrift store.