Spring is near and it’s always a good idea to get a head start on your spring cleaning list. When going through each room, you will likely come across objects you either forgot you had or don’t have a use for anymore. Consider donating those items to a good cause. WACOSA‘s onsite thrift store, ThriftWorks!, is always looking for donations. 

ThriftWorks! accepts the following items:
· Women’s, men’s and children’s clothing & shoes
· Books, movies, games
· Toys
· Small household appliances
· Housewares
· Jewelry & accessories
· Linen & bedding
· Tools
· Furniture (only after reviewed and approved)

Make cleaning an exciting time by getting the whole family involved. Have your teens go through their closet, the little ones go through their toy room, and dads go through their tool shed. Let them know you will be donating their unwanted things to a good cause and it will be easier and and more rewarding experience.

Make separate piles of objects you know you want to keep, the things you maybe want to keep, and the things you for sure want to donate Once you’re done with that, sort through your “maybe” piles with the whole family and it will take votes on what should stay and what should go.

By the time your spring cleaning is complete, you will have at least one thing to donate, we guarantee it.


Once your cleaning is finished, relax and feel good about making a donation to a place like ThriftWorks!.

Happy Spring Cleaning!