You can find great quality chairs at thrift stores for a great price… but they may not be your style. This great opportunity for to practice your DIY skills! Here are 4 ways you can add flair to your chair:

1. Switch up the upholstery and you can transform an old beaten up chair into this decorative masterpiece! You can learn how to here.

2. Turn your fabric pieces inside out and pin them while on the chair for a fitted look! The trendy stripes on this chair are perfect for teenagers. Start making this chair here.

3. Office chairs don’t have to be boring! You can easily change the look by making a slipcover to put over it. This will completely brighten up your home office! Learn how to make this DIY chair here.

4. Look at this trendy nursery rocking chair! By simply painting it a different color and changing the cushioning of this rocking chair it gives it a totally new feel and look. 

Make your own trendy rocking chair.

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