Since 1963, WACOSA has set clear goals by providing successful and progressive services for individuals with disabilities. Always ready to take the next step, WACOSA recently adopted “The WACOSA Way,” a philosophy that delves deeper into what we believe in and wish to develop in the coming years.

One of the many leading the way is Steve Howard, our Executive Director. As with the entire WACOSA organization, Steve’s passion lies in helping adults with disabilities improve their quality of life, and aims to build the community engagement necessary to successfully meet that goal.
Devoted to equality, compassion, and respect, Steve is an ideal leader for WACOSA. Among his many superpowers is his ability to write. In the company’s quarterly newsletter, a message from Steve is almost always published, featuring our newest and most innovative approaches to equality for individuals with disabilities.
A dedicated dreamer, Steve’s letters strive to inspire those who work with persons with special needs in some way, shape, or form in order to help individuals with disabilities accomplish the equality they deserve. In his most recent letter, Steve wrote about the American Dream, and its meaning for those with disabilities:
“Regardless of ability level, individuals with disabilities often carry the same dreams for their work lives as all Americans: to be contributing members of society. In 28 years in the field of Human Services, I have time and again found the concept of work to be universally important to those we serve, the size of the paycheck meaning less than the honor of being part of the American workforce.”
True to his words, Steve is honored to be a part of WACOSA, and believes in staying true to WACOSA’s life-enriching initiatives for those with disabilities. Visit our website for more information on WACOSA.