Over the years, WACOSA has provided community members with disabilities the opportunity for growth and success. There have been many who have greatly benefited from WACOSA’s services and are in a better place today because of the help they were given. What you are about to read are two real-life WACOSA success stories. Each story displays remarkable growth and shows how WACOSA has helped each individual live a successful life.

Our first story features a man named Kris. Once struggling with mobility due to weight, Kris says he can now stand and move around while working all day long. Before coming to WACOSA, Kris says he used to sit at home and eat snacks. Support provided by WACOSA has not only helped motivate Kris to lose weight, but also increased his quality of life by building self-esteem through meaningful work and a steady paycheck.

The Senior Services Program is another benefit WACOSA supplies to adults with disabilities in the community. Hosted in the Whitney Center in St. Cloud, WACOSA Seniors have the opportunity to connect with other seniors in the community. One of our oldest clients, Kathy, continues to engage in activities that keep her body active and mind sharp. By participating in the senior program, Kathy finds great satisfaction working with crafts, writing and going on outings with her peers, as well as volunteering in her community. All the while, Kathy keeps her independence and stays active, which greatly improves her quality of life.

These stories truly embody what we are all about. They give us reason and remind us why we started WACOSA in the first place: to ensure that all individuals have equal rights and opportunities.