When you think of silverware, you traditionally see it as a tool used to cut, lift, sip and eat your food. Well, think again! As it turns out silverware has many other uses. You can make jewelry, towel holders, yard ornaments and more! Silverware makes for a great crafting project because of its stability and bendability. Here are some fantastic ways on how to turn your old silverware into a awe-inspiring piece of artwork:


Silverware Stamping

Did you know that you could stamp silverware? Stamping silverware is a really great way to engrave little sayings into vintage spoons. When finished stamping, the spoons can be bended and made into custom key chains- just be sure you chose real silver, because stainless steel cutlery is too hard and will not give way to the letter stamps.

Custom Jewelry

Remember back in grade school, when you got to make your own custom jewelry out of plastic beads and rope? With a few cutlery materials, (and perhaps the help of Pinterest) take custom jewelry making to a whole other level. Rings, bangles and other silverware inspired jewelry look cute hanging in the shop window, but why pay inflated prices when you can make your own?

Wind Chimes

Another popular cutlery craft is wind chimes. This craft has nearly endless variations; you can add beading, use an old tea pot or other silver object to hang the silverware from, engrave the silverware before hanging them, or bend and shape your silverware before hanging them- let your imagination run free!

There are many, many more DIY creation options (like a vintage spoon ring) for you to try out.  Be sure to stop into ThriftWorks! and we will help you find the perfect materials for your next DIY adventure.