For many people, the prospect of getting married is thrilling and adventurous. Spending the rest of your life with the person of your dreams should be a fulfilling occasion. All too often, however, it is also a rather expensive occasion and more and more people have looked to DIY ideas to inspire their wedding decor. Check out a few of our ideas for DIY wedding bliss

Silverware has become a trend among DIYers; It can be used in a wedding to make a variety of different decorations, including napkin rings or placecard holders, that are sure to be a hit at your wedding. See our silverware upcycle blog for more inspiration
Upcycled glassware is a great way to decorate your wedding on a budget. Try your creativity by assembling different styles and heights of clear glassware, or shades that match your theme. (Hint: with a sharpie and a few minutes in the oven, you can also  personalize your own glassware.) Can’t find the perfect color? You can always paint them to match, add glitter or ribbons, and add candles and other decorations to the mix. Try turning a wine glass or goblet upside down, placing a candle and the top, and a flower under the glass for a unique look.
Mason Jars:
While technically glassware, mason jars have decorating power of their own. There are endless possibilities to decorate with these trendy vessels. Try adding candles, painting a portion of them to match your theme, or adding ribbon or burlap for a rustic feel.  Our favorite mason jar decor idea is adding a flower, filling them with water, and topping off the jar with a floating candle. Have a summer theme? Try adding parts of fishing nets, twine and seashells, sand or rocks to your mason jars for a beautiful centerpiece.
Picture frames:
Empty picture frames make a great backdrop or photo booth on a budget. Instead of looking for a matching set, look for textures and appropriate sizes, and spray paint them to match your wedding theme. You can also build a display of engagement photos with different frames around the cake, or your card box. Having an outdoor wedding? Hang painted frames from trees and add flowers or other decorations in them for a unique look.
No, they’re not for your guests to read when they get bored, they’re decorative! Strategically folding book pages allows you to make a beautiful decoration that is sure to be memorable. From an elaborate sculpture, to just a simple letter or word, there are many possibilities to decorate with used books. One idea is to make your wedding table numbers from hardcover books.
There are plenty of possibilities for decor in a thrift store. You don’t have to bank on finding a special piece, like an antique bird cage to use for your wedding, just find some inspiration and have your wedding become upcycled and low-budget!