Decorating your dorm room can be difficult and expensive. After paying for books, tuition, and food, you may not have the money to create your dream dorm room. Want to save big and deck out your dorm with cute decor items? Look no further, here are 5 super cute dorm room DIY projects to spruce up your space.
Vintage Suitcase upcycle

Vintage Suitcase Nightstand

Go back in time with a DIY vintage suitcase nightstand. It will add class and a bit of nostalgia to your room. Plop it on top of a nightstand with antique legs, or stack a few on top of each other for added storage.

Shoebox Charging Station

Sick of tangled, un-organized cords? Create your own DIY shoebox charging station to organize your cell phone and laptop chargers. Pick out or even decorate a shoebox to your liking. Hide your power strip inside the box and punch holes in the side of the box to thread your power cords through. Label each outlet on the outside with decorative tags or lettering.

Jewelry Holder

Create a shadow box jewelry holder to organize all of your precious jewelry. Add a cute design to the background as well as vintage hooks and you have yourself a beautiful DIY piece for your dorm. (There are tons of DIY jewelry ideas on Pinterest for inspiration!)

Tape Frames

Decorate your wall with some adorable and creative tape picture frames. This is an inexpensive and unique way to frame your photos or add designs to your walls. It also allows for you to get creative and personalize your wall without causing damage that can lose you big bucks off your damage deposit.

Flower Power

Strings of lights are a great way to make your dorm stand out from the rest. For a simple, creative solution, all that is needed are some Christmas lights and cupcake papers. (View the full tutorial here.)
So DIY your dorm with a few of these super cute ideas. You will create your dream dorm and save money doing so! If you are needing supplies to complete these projects, make sure to stop into ThriftWorks! We have all that you are looking for!