Ever find an awesome new t-shirt at a thrift store that you really want to get, only it’s a few sizes too big or too small? There is a solution. It’s known by many names and terms: upcycling, DIY, repurposing, reinventing – the list goes on. One of the most trendy, fun, and simple DIY projects you can try is creating a new project out of an old shirt. All you need is a thrift store t-shirt and some imagination. There are hundreds of ways to reuse t-Shirts – we’ll get you started with five:

1. Tote Bag

Tote bags are super versatile for your household. Even better, they are easy to make yourself. Use them for trips to the library, the farmers’ market, a picnic, groceries and more. Personalize them for kids with bright colors, cartoon characters, or fun quotes!

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2. Crocheted Pieces

Turning fabric scraps into T-Shirt yarn can create durable and useful items for your home. It is super easy and an excellent way to ensure that you get the most use out of your closet. Once you have T-Shirt yarn, you can crochet it together to make small items like coasters, trinket bowls, or a pencil holder, or you can make larger items, like rugs and baskets.

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3. Throw Pillows

A well-worn and well-loved T-Shirt is always made of the softest cotton. Reuse this soft fabric to make a pillow for your playroom, couch, or bed. Alternatively, stitch shirts together to make a blanket. This is an excellent way to preserve your favorite shirts from childhood, school, college, or your favorite sports team.

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4. A New Outfit


That’s right. There are tons of ways to transform a T-Shirt, but why not transform your T-Shirt into another T-Shirt, cover-up, or dress? Whether it’s a matter of cutting, braiding, embellishing, tie-dying, or stitching something new together, you can easily transform an old t-shirt into a new summer outfit.

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5. Accessories

Now that you’ve got a brand new outfit, how about adding some accessories? By simply braiding or turning old T-Shirt scraps into T-Shirt yarn, you can create a variety of fun and playful accessories including necklaces, bracelets, headbands, scarves, or belts. You can even use braided T-Shirt fabric scraps to make an exciting toy for your pet.

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Use these fun tutorials to get crafty this summer. Stop by Thriftworks! To pick up all the shirts you need to create a fun summer wardrobe, beach accessories, and more. And for all those T-Shirts that didn’t get a crafty treatment, ThriftWorks! offers convenient drop-off locations for gently used donations.