Providing the seniors we serve with the ability to connect with other people their age to help them remain active in the community is exactly what WACOSA’s Senior Service program is all about. Our seniors have the opportunity to volunteer through the RSVP program, participate in classes and crafts, and take day trips to different events in the area.
In May, the Whitney Senior Center in St. Cloud was turned into Mayberry, North Carolina. Seniors had the opportunity to “visit” Mayberry – the home of the Andy Griffith show.
The classic American sitcom, first televised between 1960-1968, portrays a widowed sheriff in a small community that has complications in life when an incapable but well-meaning deputy, spinster aunt and housekeeper, and a young son come into his life. Even though the show was shot in the 1960’s it captured the reminiscing Americana feeling of the 1930’s.



For a full week, our seniors spent time doing activities centered around the “Andy Griffith Show” and Mayberry. On the last day of their “visit”, they had a tea party in honor of Aunt Bea. This “visit” had the seniors reminiscing of old times and brought back many good memories for them.


One of our goals for our Senior Service program is to help community seniors remain active. This Tea Party was a great opportunity for our seniors to enjoy some reminiscing and be active with their peers.


If you would like to volunteer with our organization, visit the Ways to Help page of our website.