Back-to-school shopping can be stressful and overwhelming and the thought of how much money you are going to spend can only add to that stress. To save you time and money this back-to-school season, we have provided you with some tips and tricks for shopping at ThriftWorks:


Tips for Thrift Store Shopping:

1.     Make a list of what you need: To be successful on your thrift store shopping trip, you need to set up a plan of exactly what you need and what you are looking for. That way, you stay on task and know right where you need to go when you enter the store. Thrift stores can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never been so set yourself up for success by planning ahead.


2.     Shop various racks and sizes: Have you ever gone to a store and something was placed in the wrong section? The same thing could happen at thrift stores. By looking through different size racks, you could end up leaving with a treasure you wouldn’t have found just looking in your size.


3.     Pay attention to coupons and sale days: Many thrift stores have colored tags meaning certain discounts. They also usually have sales calendars available for you. Our ThriftWorks! sales calendar tells you what sales are happening each day. For example, every Wednesday seniors, military personnel, and students receive 25% off.


4.     Make more than one trip: You will often find that shopping at thrift stores might leave you empty handed, but don’t get discouraged. New items are coming in all the time; so being patient and going back often will only increase your chances of finding the good deals and going home with new treasures.

School Supplies to Shop for at Thrift Stores:

1.     Clothing: Kids grow out of their clothes way too fast, especially for the price you are spending on name brand or designer clothes. By shopping at ThriftWorks!, you can find those designer or name brand clothing for just a few dollars. That way you will feel more comfortable with the price tag when your kid grows out of their new clothes in a few months.


2.     Supplies: We all know that kids get an endless list of school supplies every year. By the amount of money you spend, you might be thinking that either the prices have gone up or the list has gotten longer. To save money, check out the thrift store before buying new supplies. At thrift stores, you can often buy supplies such as notebooks, folders, pencils, locker accessories, and more for a reasonable price.


3.     Sporting gear: Kids grow out of sporting gear just like they grow out of clothing.  Before taking the more expensive route of going to a sporting goods store, stop into our thrift store to browse the sporting equipment we have available.
The back-to-school season can be a crazy time of the year. Take care of your health and finances this back-to-school season by shopping for your supplies at ThriftWorks! With these great tips and tricks, anyone can score great deals on back-to-school supplies. There is no better feeling than saving time and money while checking things off your list.