Thanksgiving is about gathering with your family and friends and celebrating the things for which we are grateful. While spending time with family is most important, decorating for the holidays is still very enjoyable for people who love DIYs and decorating. There are endless fun DIYs that you can do around Thanksgiving time, but we did the grunt work and found our top five.

1. Colorful Leaves, Leaves and more Leaves!

These types of DIYs are cheap and EASY because there is an abundance of beautiful leaves to find outside for free! Start by gathering leaves of your choice–our favorite type is maple leaves–and dry them out for a day or two. You can spray paint your leaves or let their natural beauty shine through. Find 11 beautiful leaf crafts here.


2. Wreaths for Everyone!

At Thriftworks, repurposing is our FAVORITE word and wreaths have the ability to be reused over and over again, which we love. The first step is to get your hands on a quality wreath– maybe you even own one already. You can spruce it up with some items you find at the thrift store, or continue to repurpose the Thanksgiving decor you already own. It doesn’t stop there, instead of stuffing your wreath away after Thanksgiving, redecorate the same one for Christmas! This will help you save money and space in your home. There are a variety of wreaths to try, the hard part will be picking just one!

3. Neutral Colors are Everything.

If you want to create a warm feeling in your decor, you can’t go wrong with neutral colors. Pops of color can make a bold statements, but neutrals make a room feel soft and welcoming. Look for cool-toned fabrics and plants when planning your Fall DIYs. Some of our favorite colors this Fall are creams, coppers, aubergine and cool-toned browns. Check out this classy pumpkin centerpiece to get inspired.


4. Recycling Jars and Bottles

Speaking of reusing over and over, not only are Mason Jars and wine bottles cute, they are a creative way to reuse your refuse. We are loving the idea of painting and repurposing wine glasses because they are so versatile and can be very festive. For Thanksgiving, use all-purpose paint that you can find at the craft store and paint your old jars and bottles and decorate them with fun sayings. This is a perfect project to do with the kids, or could be an excellent girls night activity after you finish your bottles of wine. Find more Thanksgiving table crafts here.

5. Funky Frames!

The fun doesn’t stop with wine bottles and mason jars, there are also hundreds of brilliant ways to repurpose old frames. Rustic windows and picture frames go well in every home and can be thrifted for just pennies. When looking for the perfect frame, keep an eye out for picture frames with detail–this will make them stand out in your home. You can pick up chalkboard paint at the craft or hardware store to achieve a shabby-chic look. Pair your frames with foliage and you instantly have picture-perfect decor! You can find more DIY Frame Decor ideas at

You can find more DIYs on our Pinterest Board, where we are always updating more ideas for Fall Thrifts every week. You can also check our calendar for weekly specials and more!

Stop by ThriftWorks! and find plenty of frames, jars, glasses, wreaths, and more to use for your DIY Thanksgiving decor.