When you walk into a thrift store, you never know what you might find. Some customers are looking for something specific and others are looking for those second-hand items that they can flip and turn into something useful or extra spending money.

There are some common items that a lot of our customers find for flipping purposes that may surprise you. Whether you’re looking for a new DIY project or hunting for a priceless treasure, keep your eye out for some of these items:

Books and other literature. Instead of spending money on the latest books at an expensive retail bookstore, find something at ThriftWorks! that you can read secondhand and for a lot cheaper. If you’re a college student, you might even find a book for a class before the semester starts. There are also a ton of fun DIY projects that you can do using old books.

Old video games. You can often find a classic video game system at a thrift store. If you’re a collector of old Nintendo or Sega games, you’re bound to find a cartridge that you haven’t thought about since you were a kid.

Old coffee mugs. If you’re a coffee drinker, you can never have enough coffee mugs. People are always looking for an old collectible mug and you can usually find one that will suit you at a thrift store.

Vintage Collectibles. To really make money on thrift store vintage items, you’ll need to do a bit of searching. You never know when the perfect item will come into the store, and if you don’t pounce on it, it’ll be gone before you can think twice. Items like old record players, cameras, radios, and suitcases can go for a pretty penny!

Vintage board games. If you’re a parent looking to get your kids away from their phones and the television, this is a perfect way to spend time with them and do something constructive. ThriftWorks! has plenty of board games to pick from that are fun for the whole family!

Picture frames and old antique frames. Don’t spend money on a new frame at a retail store when you can certainly find a gently-used frame at ThriftWorks! We have plenty of sizes and styles to pick from. Upcycling and flipping old frames can create a true one-of-a-kind work of art on the cheap.

Throwback sports jerseys. These are more popular than ever and we commonly have plenty of old professional and college jerseys to pick from. If you’re a collector, a thrift store is a perfect place to look to find what you’re looking for.

Winter jackets. We all know that finding the right winter jacket isn’t always easy. And, buying a name brand jacket is very expensive. You might find what you’re looking for at ThriftWorks! We have plenty of secondhand name brand jackets that might work for you.

Mason jars. These classics have become more and more popular to use at parties for drinks over the years. You can usually find some for a great price to make your next party really stand out.

Vintage blankets and quilts. We live in Minnesota, you can never have enough blankets. You might occasionally find a vintage brand that suits your style.

Vinyl records. Vinyl records by specific artists are coveted by collectors young and old. There’s just something about a vinyl record that sounds better compared to a CD or cassette. You never know which treasures you might find!

If you’re looking to earn some extra cash by flipping, crafting, or finding hidden treasures, stop by ThriftWorks! You never know when you might find that special item you’ve been looking for!