The weather is warming. The flowers are blooming. Spring has arrived. It’s time to spruce up your home with décor that complements the season’s bright, refreshing feeling.

The perfect way to bring in that feeling of spring is to create your own floral centerpieces, and spread them around your home. Not only are the centerpieces an attractive way to decorate or accessorize your kitchen or coffee table, they also bring that fresh, outdoor aroma and esthetic into your home.

Here are some ideas for crafty floral centerpieces that you can create on a budget this spring:



Nothing warms up a home like rustic accent pieces for decor. Take that comfortable, inviting inspiration to create beautifully simple floral centerpieces. You can use distressed wooden boxes, old planters, garden pails, or a variety of other items to contain or replace traditional glass vases.
vase with limes


If you want to try a less traditional decor craft, a great option is to use discs of sliced fruit to make the home feel sweeter. Slices of lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruit add a vibrant and punchy element to a traditional (or perhaps nontraditional) vase of flowers. Just line your vase or bowl with various discs of fruit to brighten up neutral white flowers and add a fun, fruity aroma to your home.

Candle around flowers


If you’re going for decor that relaxes your energy and creates an inviting atmosphere, use candles in your floral centerpieces. Fire and flowers may not seem like they would go together, but when done correctly, they can create a unique addition to any table or counter. Arrange short-stem, trimmed flowers around the edges of a small vase or cup and add a taller candle to the center. Voila! You have a simple and beautiful centerpiece for your home.


What is one of the first things you think of when it comes to spring? Easter, or course! Easter is a wonderful opportunity to decorate your home with pastel colors that brighten up your rooms and make them feel more spacious. A small addition to your home can be just enough to make your space brighter and more welcoming. Try using pastel colored Easter candy, including Peeps, M&Ms, or jelly beans, to fill a vase of flowers. This will add more color and festivity to your centerpiece and your home.
You can create these spring centerpieces on a budget from items found at your local thrift store. If you don’t find the perfect item, break out the pastel colored paint and get crafty! Stop into ThriftWorks! to find everything you need!