Meet ThriftWorks! store managers, Kayla Goering and Lisa Anderson. Together they make up a huge portion of what makes ThriftWorks! the fun and relaxing thrift store it is, although they would humbly tell you otherwise. They believe it is the teamwork of everyone at the store that leads to success.

Each day brings something new. Although the store doesn’t open until 10:00 AM, there is plenty of preparation for the management team before customers walk through the doors. Rearranging, adding new products, and designing displays on the floor takes up much of their morning. As Kayla explains, “What goes out on the floor reflects us.” 

ThriftWorks! is known for its organization and aesthetic appeal for shoppers. Customers rave about this, making it one of the top reasons to drop in. The managers are a driving force behind the operations. Their mission to create a relaxing environment that encourages new shoppers and welcomes back repeat shoppers does not go unnoticed.

Both Lisa and Kayla said the favorite part of their job is interaction with the customers. “Regulars are awesome,” they say. Developing a personal connection with shoppers adds value to their daily tasks. In just 4 years, ThriftWorks! has transformed into a Central Minnesota thrifting hot spot.

“It’s amazing the support we’ve received from the community. Customers really get the word out and we are very thankful,” said Kayla

ThriftWorks! wouldn’t be what it is without their team: training specialists, retail assistants, volunteers, and the trainees, who are adults with disabilities learning skills with the goal of community employment.. The managers could not praise the efforts of the group enough, with teamwork being the backbone of success and smoothly run operations.

“We really appreciate our training specialists – the staff that work directly with our trainees, because they have the hardest job. They really make things work around here and we are so grateful for that,” Lisa added.

Whether you’re a regular shopper or thinking about making your first thrift trip to ThriftWorks!, stop in and say “hello” to Lisa, Kayla, and the rest of the team.