Halloween Candy Basket

ThriftWorks! thrift store often has a lot of baskets in stock. Decorate these baskets with your kids to create something unique instead of using the standard plastic store-bought counterparts. If you stay home to pass out candy, create a larger basket of your own. Kids who ring your doorbell will be surprised and impressed to see your unique basket painted like a pumpkin, covered in cobwebs, orfrightening as Frankenstein like this one.

Spell Books for Witch Costume

If you or someone you know is dressing up as a witch or wizard this Halloween, do not skip the spell book! It is easy to re-purpose a book you find at the thrift store into a spooky spell book, complete with a 3-D effect. Find out how to make your own spell book here!

ThriftWorks! Store Thanksgiving and Fall decor

Thanksgiving Candle Centerpiece

You can often find candles at ThriftWorks! to decorate your home; they’re especially useful to celebrate Thanksgiving. Find candlesticks and drill a hole in a mini pumpkin’s center to act as a candlestick holder.


Wine Glass Thanksgiving Centerpiece

It is easy to come by wine glasses or water goblets at thrift stores. Buy three and some small pillar candles to create an elegant centerpiece look that can work for any season. Flip the wine glasses upside down and fill the cup area with seasonal items. For Thanksgiving, add leaves, pine cones, small twigs, or other fall-related items. Then place candles on the bottom area (which is now up in the air offering a platform) and light them for a classy look!


Mug Craft Project For Christmas Gifts

You can decorate plain mugs in any design you would like with a simple sharpie and baking technique described here. This is a great gift idea for handmade Christmas giving. Try designing a snowman or reindeer to make your mug seasonal. ThriftWorks! has many mugs to choose from; you will certainly find what you need.

Christmas Decor With Salt and Pepper Shakers

At the thrift store, there are sets of glass salt and pepper shakers sitting on the shelf you would never think could be anything else. But this adorable Christmas craft is here to change your mind. Make little snowy scenes in the shakers and display them anywhere in your home for a unique and fun idea!

When perusing ThriftWorks!, keep in mind these crafts and see past the everyday items that lay in wait. Our items vary from day to day, so you never know what you’ll find lurking on our shelves! Get inspired to create craft projects using secondhand scores this season!