The Holidays can really take a hit to your pocketbook. According to Star News Online, “The average person will spend $805 during the Holiday season.” The good news is, DIYing is in, and it can save you some serious cash. Plus, you get to play the sentimental card.

This month, we wanted to expand on our last blog – Holiday Craft Projects Made with Thrift Store Finds. We gathered 6 DIY gift ideas for everyone on your list. The best part is, they all feature something you are bound to find on the shelves of ThriftWorks!, making it even more affordable!


1. DIY Sweater Mittens

Do you buy new mittens every winter? This DIY solves that, and it’s perfect for those ugly Christmas sweaters in the back of the closet. Turns out they make really festive mittens!

All you need is a sweater, scissors, and light sewing skills. Trace your hand, or the hand of someone else, depending on size needs and cut. Flip the pieces inside out to sew them together, then reverse them again to wear. These sweater mittens are sure to keep the recipient super cozy. You may even want to make some for yourself.

2. No-Sew T-Shirt Tote Bag

The supply list for this DIY is not very long. Find a t-shirt with a nice pattern or image on it – thicker fabric is best– and turn it into this tote bag. Depending on the t-shirts you find, this could work for just about anyone on your list.


3. Thrift Store Beautiful Coordinated Decor

Random pieces at the thrift store can sometimes sit on the shelf for months because people don’t see the potential. Mismatched vases, bowls, and figurines can all become a coordinated decor set. Paint is the answer; pick out a color or 2 and get to work. This gift is sure to please someone who seems to have everything.

4. Hanging Jewelry Organizer

A large picture frame and a crocheted doily or piece of lace are all you need for this next DIY. We regularly have sales on frames, so make sure to shop for them during that time. Mount the doily or lace to the picture frame with staples – it’s as simple as that. This jewelry organizer is perfect to hang earrings on, you could even pick up a few pairs at ThriftWorks! to include.


tea cups

5. Vintage Teacup Candles

Teacups, especially old vintage ones, are very pretty. Most of us don’t really use teacups like we used to, but they can be repurposed into beautiful teacup candles. Perfect for any hard to buy for person on your list, like teachers, co-workers, and neighbors!

6. Cable Knit Throw Pillows

We’ve saved our favorite for last. These sweater pillows look straight out of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Perfect for the mom or mother-in-law who likes to swap her throw pillows with the seasons. Grab a few sweaters with a similar color palette. See if you can, find throw pillows as well to keep it thrifty, otherwise, a regular pillow insert does the trick. Add buttons or tassels to jazz them up.

Before you go to the mall, check out Thriftworks! with an open and creative mind. Head over to our Pinterest page where you can find more DIY ideas. If you have the time, they’re sure to save your wallet this holiday season. What will you do with the extra savings?