As warmer weather approaches, you may start thinking of ways to exchange warmer clothes for a wardrobe that fits the season.

This transition can be tricky, especially in Minnesota where the weather fluctuates from cold to warm and back to cold again in the spring months. Here are some spring outfit ideas that you can search for at ThriftWorks! for an inexpensive price. They will inspire you, keep you comfortable in the changing temperatures, and satisfy your budget.

Jean Jacket

A Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is a perfect option for those days that start cooler and end warmer, giving you the option to lose the jacket if needed.

  • Wear over a dress: A maxi works for a windier day, a shorter dress for a warmer day
  • Pair with either black or colored jeans and a black & white striped tee. This option is good for weather in the 50’s
  • Warmer option: Black pants with a colored sweater underneath.

statement sleeves

Statement Sleeves

If you are looking to start your spring in a trendy way, statement sleeves are the option for you! These are beneficial because long sleeves are a good option for windier weather in the upper 50s or 60s.

  • Bell-bottomed sleeves provide coverage for cooler morning temps yet allow a breeze to cool down in the afternoon sun
  • Textured sleeves pair well with a mid-length skirt for a springy look on a warmer day
  • An open or cold-shoulder option matched with white jeans provides an edgier choice for a day out


An Adaptable Raincoat

A raincoat is a safe option for those “Just in case” days when it may or may not rain. Making the raincoat a part of your outfit allows you to pull off a springy look while staying dry! Here are examples of raincoat outfit options:

  • Wear with skinny jeans and rain booties, double protection!
  • If you are looking to stand out, try pairing two bold colors together. For example, if you are going with a classic yellow raincoat, try wearing pink rain boots or a navy sweater underneath your coat.
  • A black & white striped tee is an easy go-to with a solid colored raincoat that will keep you fashionable and comfortable. Pair with dark wash jeans or black jeans.


However you may choose to style your wardrobe this spring, remember that it can be done at an affordable price when you choose to shop at ThriftWorks!