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You make a difference! 

What if every adult with a disability, who could work, did work?  At WACOSA, we work to help everyone reach their fullest potential!  Our mission is to provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to work and live in their community.

We create opportunities that empower individuals to overcome barriers that would otherwise keep them from employment. Opportunities like job training and employment support services including how to get and keep a job.  WACOSA also offers in-house work opportunities, along with a variety of other life-changing employment possibilities.  Only 20% of people with disabilities are employed or seeking employment compared to 69% of people without disabilities.  Nearly one-third of people with disabilities are employed part time compared with about one-fifth of those with no disability.

Jim’s story:

In 2008, Jim, a college graduate, was working as a sheriff’s deputy when he suffered a catastrophic stroke.  After months in the hospital, he found himself dependent on a wheelchair for his mobility, in pain and without employment.  Jim reflects, “I thought I’d never work again.” Now Jim works at WACOSA and rides the WACOSA bus five days a week. Jim has direction, purpose and a regular paycheck, which he values greatly.  “What I like about WACOSA is that whenever I need help, help is there, or shortly coming, and people are friendly, very friendly.  I know a lot of people by name and they know me by name.I like WACOSA; I’m glad to have it.”

Last year, WACOSA provided assistance to over 665 adults with disabilities, helping them accomplish the goals they have for their lives.  WACOSA is making a difference, but we need to do more!  WACOSA is a powerhouse of skilled and dedicated professionals who are committed to improving vocational opportunities for those we serve.  Won’t you become a part of this dedicated team by helping us with a financial gift?  Your donation, no matter the size, will go a long way in helping those we serve make their vocational dreams come true.

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