To:  All WACOSA stakeholders

From:  Steve H., Executive Director, WACOSA

Date:  March 13, 2020

Re:  Coronavirus (COVID-19)


As we continue to monitor the challenges presented by Coronavirus, we wish to keep you posted on what we are doing at WACOSA to remain as proactive as possible and to adjust to this continually changing situation.  Please keep in mind our effort to keep you posted is designed to educate you, which will hopefully help you remain informed, while at the same time preventing you from feeling anxious or fearful of the current situation:

  • We are making available all Memo’s related to Coronavirus on our website (, with a link to our Facebook page directing folks to these memos, as well.
  • We are meeting with our key residential facilities next week (week of the 16th) to discuss protocols we can implement to promote a consistent response between work and home to be as proactive as possible in our coordinated response to the current situation.
  • We are stepping up our maintenance effort by changing out the air filters more frequently in our HVAC systems at all of our service locations in an effort to promote cleaner air throughout WACOSA, to address Coronavirus concerns, in addition to suppressing various allergens that might be present.
  • We are continuing our deep cleaning efforts, most specifically areas of WACOSA that experience frequent hand contact (i.e. key boards, doorknobs, computers etc.)
  • We have instituted ultraviolet light disinfecting processes to clean IT equipment (i.e. IPads) that our clients use regularly.
  • We have instituted additional training for staff and clients to promote social distancing, health and wellness, in addition to increasing/respecting personal space.
  • Our maintenance team has instituted disinfecting procedures of the interior of all WACOSA vehicles multiple times a week.
  • Timers have been installed in bathrooms to improve handwashing procedures for clients and staff.
  • We continue to assess appropriate environments for community outings to take place.
  • WACOSA has designated additional places away from program areas that are designated as sick rooms where individuals can be removed from their colleagues, should signs or symptoms of illness develop. In like manner, staff will be asked to remain home if they are feeling ill, with corresponding testing/quarantine imposed prior to returning to work, as a particular situation may require.
  • We have begun dialogue with area employers, with whom WACOSA provides services or does business to keep them mindful of the plans and potential restrictions that could be imposed upon WACOSA workers or work crews, as any specific situation may require.


In addition to these, in addition to earlier mentioned steps, we will continue to monitor the situation and implement our Emergency Response Plan as needed to address this developing concern.  We continue to ask that you locate travel notices and guidance on precautionary measures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Minnesota Department of Health ( and the World Health Organization (WHO).  Also, feel free to call me at (320)257-5180 or email at if I can answer additional questions. We will continue to keep you updated with any significant changes to this situation via memos and on our website.