1. When will WACOSA begin allowing clients to return services?

As the governor’s Executive Orders have evolved, WACOSA has made every effort to bring clients back within the boundaries of these orders. As these orders relax, WACOSA will continue to bring clients back for services.

     2. Will WACOSA be offering the same services that were provided before the COVID-19 pandemic began?


  1. Will all of the Direct Support Professionals (DSP’s) who were working for WACOSA prior to the beginning of the pandemic be returning?

No.  Some individuals have chosen to return.  Others have accepted positions with other employers. 

  1. Will all clients be allowed to return if they were receiving services prior to the pandemic shutdown?

Yes, if they choose to do so. 

  1. In what order will clients return to WACOSA?

While we would like to bring people back as soon as they request, Governor Walz’s Executive Orders prohibit our ability to do so.  The order in which clients return will depend upon a number of factors including program location, shift availability, transportation logistics, cohort availability and WACOSA’s ability to operate within legally required staffing ratios. 

  1. I heard there is a long waiting list. Will WACOSA allow new clients to receive services?

Yes, as openings become available within the restrictions of the governor’s order.  New client admissions will not receive priority over those wishing to return to services.

  1. How does WACOSA provide a safe environment for staff and clients?

WACOSA will continue to operate within the confines of our COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness Plan.  This plan addresses all aspects of service delivery including social distancing, cohort size and routine sanitization of program/community areas and equipment.   

  1. Will staff and clients be required to be vaccinated?

While we encourage vaccination, WACOSA has not taken a position to require it. 

  1. Will staff and clients be required to wear masks?

Staff are required to wear masks at all times.  However, within Governor Walz’s Executive Orders, clients are highly encouraged, though not required to do so.