WACOSA is a non-profit organization that began in 1963 and by the mid-80s had a vision to connect the employment needs of the business community to those individuals who, due to mental or physical disabilities, had not realized their full potential. We strongly believe that every person in society deserves dignity and respect, and can be a contributing member of their community when given the opportunity to develop their strengths and capabilities. 

For over 25 years, WACOSA has partnered with over 570 businesses to provide trained, dependable workers that get the job done. WACOSA is currently focusing on 6 initiatives:

1. THRIFTWORKS!- A thrift store opening in the spring of 2013 that is operated by WACOSA. All proceeds benefit individuals with disabilities. The store is now accepting donations. Needs include:

Women’s, men’s and children’s clothing and shoes

Books, movies and games


Small household appliances


Jewelry & accessories

Linen and bedding


Clean, quality furniture


2.Direct hire- This program works directly with businesses who hire a WACOSA client. This hiring process results in a collaborative relationship between the employer, WACOSA and the client (employee). WACOSA provides an on site “job coach” until the client and the employer are comfortable that the job duties are being handled effectively and efficiently.

3.WACOSA crews- WACOSA provides a crew of 4-5 clients and a supervisor to conduct project work. Examples of this type of work include:

Cleaning jobs

Production jobs

Printing jobs

Vending jobs

assembly jobs

Packaging jobs

4. Docushred- WACOSA will destroy your confidential documents conveniently and securely. With over 20 years of experience in the destruction of business and personal information, WACOSA Docushred provides the total security and reliability businesses require. WACOSA Docushred is NAID certified.

5.Recycling- WACOSA is working with businesses to recycle certain types of plastics, cords, cell phones and ink cartridges. This service is free to businesses and often results in large cost savings (recycling vs. disposal)

6. Internal Production- The majority of work done by WACOSA for the business community is Internal production. Internal production occurs at the WACOSA facilities. Production consists of:



Mailings/envelope stuffing

Production re-work




WACOSA is the premier outsource solution for each of our business customers. We consistently meet and exceed expectations by providing the highest quality service and on-time delivery at an exceptional value. For more information please visit our website.