Since we began in 1963, we’ve been determined to make a difference for those with disabilities. We firmly believe that every individual is capable of positively contributing to their community and to society as a whole. Regardless of the type of disability, with the proper support and training, our clients excel in the workplace. We’ve been told time and time again that the amount of passion they bring is inspiring; hearing this feedback never gets old. It’s what keeps us striving to provide even more opportunities and further expand employment for the disabled community. We’ve come a long way, but the job is never done!
                  To provide a brief overview of our services, there are two main tactics we use for employment. The first is in-center work, which is held at one of our own sites. This consists of production work such as assembling, labeling, packaging products, shredding confidential documents, or recycling duties. The other option incorporates a little more direct involvement with the community. Either individually or in a work group, our clients work in various central Minnesota businesses where they partake in the typical job training before being fully submersed in the work atmosphere. These positions can be short-term but it’s very common for them to turn into long-term employment.
                  We can’t thank the community enough for all of the support they have given Wacosaover our 50 years of service. It’s helped us open the doors to even more opportunities. Most recently, we’ve opened up a thrift shop in Waite Park called Wacosa Thriftworks! Feel free to stop to make a donation or do a little shopping, or both! Also, On July 20th, the St. Cloud Rox baseball team generously hosted Wacosa night. For every general admission ticket sold, Wacosa benefited $3. It was so great to give the public a chance to contribute to our mission and to see the smile on their faces because of the difference they knew they were making. 

                  Throughout the Central Minnesota area, we’ve been blessed to be able to impact the lives of over 500 disabled individuals. Every day at Wacosa is truly rewarding for everyone involved – we look forward to the many more great years of service and progress to come!