Thrift stores have a variety of different things, you never know what you are going to find. People shop at them because they are usually looking for certain things that department stores won’t have. Department stores typically provide matching sets of home décor and other high quality and expensive things, whereas thrift stores do not. Although thrifting can be fun, it takes a lot of patience. If you can’t find what you’re looking for one day, there are plenty of other days; people are always donating their antiques and other old things.

Here are 3 items that can be found at a thrift store and not at a department store:

1. Typewriters

Typewriters are a popular item to collect these days. People want them for display at their home or for use. They are a fun tool to have for scrapbooking; just make sure you test it out before bringing it home! Finding a typewriter at a thrift shop is either a hit or a miss. You have to shop at them regularly to find one because they are in high demand. If you aren’t picky about having a certain one and you see it at a thrift shop one day, buy it. Chances are the typewriter won’t be there the next day. On the other hand, if you are looking for a certain one, that will take some time. With some research and patience, you will find one.

2. VCRs

What’s your favorite Disney VHS? 

Remember all the Disney movies on VHS? Everyone had them! Many people these days still have them because they are fun to have just in case you want to pop in an old classic one night. Even though Netflix has taken over, some households still have VCR players. If you don’t have one, they are so easy to find at thrift stores. People are donating them left and right because they have no use for them anymore. You can find one for $20 or less; and while you’re there, pick up a $.50 VHS.

3. Collectibles

If you are interested in a unique set of collectibles, thrift stores a great place to look for them. Collectibles like salt and pepper shakers, lunchboxes, porcelain dolls, stoneware crocks, and vintage glassware are popular in thrift stores. These items range from having a big display of them while others have only one or very few at a time. You just have to look through the entire thrift store. Only buy if it you really love it. Although you are a collector and you see a piece that you need, don’t get it if it’s not up to standards of what you’re looking for. There might be a little chip in it or missing a piece of it. You will find it!

If you’re looking for something specific and you know a department store won’t have it, check out your local thrift store. With a little high and low searching, you will find it. Also, many things there can be turned into an inexpensive and easy DIY project for your home. There is something for everyone at thrift shops; you won’t be disappointed in your finds.

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