It’s 10:00 PM and you’re still awake. You couldn’t fall asleep so you’re up in front of your TV with your remote in hand flipping through the channels until you land on your favorite home design show. A thought races through your mind “Wow, lucky people! If I only I had the budget to make my dinky old home beautiful.”

Not to worry! Anyone can beautify their home without breaking bank. By shopping at thrift stores in your surrounding community, you can change your home to look just like the one you saw on your favorite home design show. Get your walking shoes on and make sure you know where your tools are because there are many great items to use in crazy creative ways you haven’t even imagined! For instance, here are five ways to make window shutters into home décor (FYI there are many more ways than only these!):

1. Shutter Bulletin Board
2. Shutter Console Table
3. Shutter Headboard
4. Shutter Shelf Iron Brackets
5. Shutter Wall Clock

Window shutters can be used in so many ways to decorate your home! Well there’s definitely more ways and you can learn about them here.
Just like the window shutter example, you can find many items in your community thrift stores to decorate your home with without burning a hole in your wallet.
ThriftWorksis right here in St. Cloud and there are many cool items that can be used to makeover your home. Look at some of these cool items you can find in our store. 

Put down your remote control and put on your creative thinking hat! It’s your time to start having your own home design fun!