Some say the greatest gift you can give a person is your time. In today’s fast paced society, time is of the essence and is greatly valued when it is freely offered. These days, a person’s time is very valuable. With the average American working nearly 47 hours per week, there is rarely extra time in one’s day. This is troubling for businesses and nonprofits who are looking for volunteers. Here are some reasons why offering your time and volunteering for WACOSA can be beneficial:

Increases Self Confidence and Overall Happiness

Volunteering allows people the opportunity to change lives directly. At WACOSA, we offer many volunteer opportunities that allow you to interact and help others directly. One of these opportunities includes a wellness specialist. In this position, you get to help people learn various healthy living skills including yoga, aerobics, walking and meditation as well as healthy eating skills. This in-turn can be very beneficial to the volunteer because you are directly affecting someone’s life. You are seeing the results and the effect you are causing; which can increase your self-confidence and overall happiness.



Overall, the biggest benefit of volunteering has to be the overall fulfillment of helping others. Since the beginning of time, humans have always had a relenting passion to help one another. It is at the core of our being and it is natural to want to help. That is why when we do volunteer, we receive a sense of gratification and fulfillment. And that is something money cannot buy.


Often times people shy away from volunteering because there is no compensation. While there is no pay, volunteering can still assist you in advancing your career. It allows you to get out and connect with people and is a great addition to your resume. For instance, someone who is looking to become an event planner may want to volunteer in our special event support position. This opportunity would look great on a resume, and it would allow you to meet others who can help you reach your ultimate goal of starting your career.

At WACOSA we are always looking for volunteers, and we have a wide range of opportunities. For more information on WACOSA’s volunteer positions, visit our website.