When you donate to any non-profit, you can be sure that you are helping make a difference. With WACOSA, there is no exception to that rule. In 2015 we served over 600 individuals, steadily growing from the year before. With over 50 total community crews we were able to serve the community even more than the previous year. Our success doesn’t stop there. We were able to add an additional four community crews last year, a 33% growth from the year before!
Our mission is to provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to work and live in their community. None of this would be possible without our generous donors. Here are a few ways your contributions can help to make a difference this year.
$50 Donation:
  • One weighted lap pad to meet client’s individual sensory needs
$90 Donation:
  • One chair for the WACOSA Senior Program at the Whitney Senior Center in St. Cloud
$125 Donation:
  • One washable weighted blanket to meet various individual sensory needs
$600 Donation:
  • One iPad for clients to use for activities including researching information on the Internet, playing group interactive games and watching informational videos
It’s more than just our employees that contribute to our success, YOU help us immensely year-after-year. We had almost 150 volunteers last year who clocked approximately 3,639 volunteer hours. Although this is a great start, we dropped 42% for our total number of volunteers from 2014. Our mission for 2016 was to continue to grow our group of volunteers and with your help, we can do just that. Our volunteer positions range from activities assistants all the way to musicians. There is truly a place for everyone at WACOSA! If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering with us, you can find more information on our website here.
You can help make a difference this year by making a donation or volunteering, and there are many different ways to give. Help us grow ever stronger in 2017 by working alongside other community members to break down stereotypes and build up members of the community that are living with a disability.