WACOSA is adaptable and always helps when training is needed.
– Hancock Fabrics
Store Manager


WACOSA offers great recycling solutions for business, community event and individual needs. Save valuable dumpster space and promote your “going green” image by using WACOSA’s recycling solutions. Our recycling programs have employed more than 200 adults with disabilities!


FREE Business Recycling Solutions:

Beverage Containers: Aluminum cans, plastic bottles, or glass bottles. 

WACOSA also offers beverage recycling receptacles made of durable, washable, corrugated plastic for $20 per unit.  (Measures 20” wide X 17” deep X 27” high.) You may also use your own.

WACOSA does not service receptacles, but we do pick-up routinely or by appointment, at no charge.  Unfortunaetly due to cost we only offer this service in certain circumstances.. This works well for larger organizations or special events.  Contact us to find out if we can service your organization. 

Other Plastic Materials:

WACOSA will provide you with a large corrugated box for on-going needs, or you can use your own. 

Plastic Materials We Accept From Businesses:

  • Stretch/shrink wrap
  • Clear plastic wrap/bags

Feel free to contact us to review any type of plastic your organization is discarding. Tear-down services available, some fees may apply depending on quantity and scope of the project.

Community Events:

If you are organizing a community recycling event, contact WACOSA, or Tri-County Waste Management. Together we offer recycling receptacles, bags and pick-up services, all at no charge! All your staff and volunteers need to do is service the receptacles during the event and we will take care of the rest. 

Recycling for the Entire Community:

WACOSA DocuShred and ThriftWorks! has year-round drop off availability for your holiday lights, cords and electrical wiring. (No adaptors or holiday light displays please.) 

Year-Round Drop Off for Holiday Lights or Cords:

WACOSA DocuShred

321 Sundial Drive in Waite Park, just east of Crafts Direct

Hours:  10AM to 6PM Mon. – Fri.


310 Sundial Drive in Waite Park, just east of Crafts Direct

Hours:  9AM to 7PM, Mon. - Fri. or 10AM to 5PM on Saturday

Contact us for any of our recycling programs.